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5 tactics to add to your 2022 marketing strategy

In: Digital Marketing
Nobody said it would be easy, but you did it. You navigated 2020 with resilience and emerged with unshakable confidence. In 2021, you harnessed that resilient spirit to create relentless momentum and achieve goals no one thought possible.

How will you shape 2022 for your business? It all starts with an impactful marketing strategy. In case you need a refresher on what exactly a marketing strategy is.


Before knowing where you need to go, you must understand where you’ve been.

Take a step back and answer some questions about your 2021 marketing strategy:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What were your most significant accomplishments?
  • What areas need improvement?
  • What does the data say about your performance?

Tip: Survey your customers to understand your company from their perspective. You can also interview your customers face-to-face to gain more insight into their views of your company.



Think big! Use customer feedback and last year’s performance data to drive you. Write these goals down to motivate your team and provide direction throughout 2022.

As you brainstorm your goals, answer these questions with your team:

  • How has your target audience changed?
  • In what ways can you better serve your target audience?
  • How many new clients do you want to gain?
  • What are your revenue goals?
  • What services or products do you want to expand?
  • What is most important to focus on?



You’ve got your goals on paper, but it’s time to create a roadmap to make them a reality. Your marketing strategy details the exact tactics you’ll use to achieve your goals.

Some items to consider in your strategy:

  • Budget
  • Industry Trends
  • Realistic Benchmarks
  • ROI Goals
  • Team Involvement
  • Timeline

Tip: Involve your department leadership teams early in the conversation.


You’ve spent hours creating your marketing plan. It’s time to share your research, goals, and strategy with your team! Discuss your findings with all departments and communicate expectations for 2022.

When you present your marketing strategy, be sure to:

  • Establish Positive Tone
  • Delegate Tasks
  • Communicate Timelines
  • Set clear expectations


With your entire team on board, it’s time to roll out your plan! As it develops throughout 2022, evaluate your performance and track progress towards your goals. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments when the data and market conditions call for a change.

Some benchmarks you can evaluate:

  • Call Volume
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Digital Ad Performance
  • Landing Page Engagement

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